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        Pyriproxyfen - Safe Insecticide Used in Farm

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        Pyriproxyfen - Safe Insecticide Used in Farm

        • Product introduction
        • Mechanism of action
        • Application scope

        CADN: Pyriproxyfen is a kind of juvenile hormone insecticide and chitin synthesis inhibitors. Insect growth regulator.

        CAS NO:95737-68-1

        Molecular Formula:C20H19NO3

        Molecular Weight: 321.37

        As a juvenile hormone analogue, pyriproxyfen inhibits the development and maturation of pests.

        Pyriproxyfen product is an insect growth regulator against cockroaches.

        It is widely used in the control of whitefly and scale insects on fruits, vegetables, cotton, and ornamental plants, as well as mosquito and fly control in public health.

        With features of good light stability, low dosage, high activity, strong leaf conductivity, and systemic absorption, pyriproxyfen is safe to crops. And it also has a small impact on the ecological environment, which is in line with human goals of protecting the ecological environment.

        This insecticide is considered to be one of the effective means of integrated pest management and has become an important area of pesticide research and development.

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